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2016 Palo Alto Summer Camps

  • Pacific Coast Kids Lego Camps is exciting! Our innovative projects allow kids to customize their projects to maximize their creativity. Discover what fun and excitement is at Pacific Coast Kids Lego Camps in both Palo Alto and Los Altos. Exciting
  • At Pacific Coast Kids summer camp, learning can be fun with Palo Alto summer camps with building projects, solving problems, and teamdwork in the Science, Art, Jewelry, Fashion, and Lego Camps. Have Fun
  • Pacific Coast Kids Art Camps have specialized multiple focus areas, including artistic design and jewelry making. To create a piece of beautiful jewelry piece, kids learn to put together the design concept, choose their favorite pattern, and carefully put together the jewelry creation. Creative
  • Discover that Lego® models can actually walk in Star Wars camps and advanced engineering camps.  Get ready to be impressed like this camper! Impressed
  • Dream about being an artist? At Pacific Coast Kids Art Camps, our campers are the creative artists. Learn how to use different materials and shades to capture the world in artistic and creative way in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale camps. Artistic
  • With the vision to empower kids with science and technology skills through interactive learning and creative projects, Pacific Coast Kids is determined to help every camper to succeed. Experience what success is. Be proud! Proud
  • Being inspired translates into the desire to be one of the best. At Pacific Coast Kids summer camp, this is what we inspire our campers so that they are motivated to be successful. Inspired
  • text Confident
  • Lego camps, science camps and art camps at Pacific Coast Kids have some common traits. Besides creative, innovative and engaging, our summer camp program also fosters an environment where campers really enjoy themselves. They share learning together, they also share their laughter together. Laughter
  • No matter what we do, building our exciting projects, or testing and playing with our creations, Pacific Coast Kids Lego Camps near Sunnyvale and Redwood City are a fun place to be. Kids are happy here, because they explore, they learn, and they have fun! Happy
  • text Teamwork
Locations: Palo Alto Weekly: June 6 - July 29, 2016

Entering Grades: K to 5th

Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Pre-Care & Post-Care Available

Pacific Coast Kids Celebrates Our 9th Year

Credentialed and Experienced Teachers

Registration for 2016 is now open!

Serving the Silicon Valley, Pacific Coast Kids makes the care and education of your child its top priority. Fantastic summer class sessions mixed with detailed instruction and fun-filled projects strike a balance between creativity and structure.

Centrally located for children in the South Bay supporting areas such as Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, and Redwood City, the Pacific Coast Kids summer camps inspire imagination and creativity, extend campers’ learning beyond the school year, and broaden their horizons.

Celebrating its 9th year of excellence in serving the peninsula communities, Pacific Coast Kids is proud to be the leader in offering summer camp programs oriented towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Our summer camp projects and models are instilled with scientific and engineering principles. Through our purposely designed hands-on projects, summer camp students actively gain new knowledge and enhance what they’ve learned in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Led by enthusiastic credentialed and experienced teachers, Pacific Coast Kids boasts the strongest staff to deliver the best quality teaching and instruction. Your child will thrive in any of your summer camp selections with us – Lego® Camps, Science Camps, or Art Camps.

Enroll your child with Pacific Coast Kids Summer Camp today! Your child will learn through play and interactive teaching. You will be delighted!